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Provide a free information platform on everything related to California Values and ideals, including all movements concerned with the protection and advancement of those values.


As a Wiki

Become a primary source for finding reliable information and resources on the history of Californian values, their uniqueness and what courageous Californians are doing and proposing to align current California with the ideal California.

As a specialized encyclopedia

Enable members to better organize and deeply cover the myriad of subjects around California Values, related efforts, reality on the ground and proposed alternatives for living up to those values.

As a free platform

Become independent via establishing a community around #California Values and the significance it has to the fate of California and the world.


  • Build a community able to maintain, run and grow California Values Wiki
  • Utilize various technologies to further simplify participating and contributing to California Values Wiki
  • Pioneer new ways of presenting content on wikis

Disclosure of affiliations

California Values Wiki is not affiliated with any 3rd party, is 100% grassroots effort and is maintained by volunteers who are our greatest assets.

Call to action

We welcome your generosity in participating as a reader, preferably a dicourser, and better yet as an editor, author and a contributor. If you share our values then we urge you to consider joining our humble community!

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