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Before you begin

  • First understand what California Values Wiki is about and accept its values
  • Remember that you must use only one California Values Wiki account[1]
    • You are required to disclose all of your alternative and previously-used accounts in your request under Additional notes: field
    • Requests showing evidence or indication you own an undisclosed account will not be approved
    • Requests made with the intention of using the account as an illegitimate alternative (such to as hide edits or conduct, evade or circumvent blocks or sanctions, or cause disruption) will not be approved and will result in additional sanctions
  • This is not the place to request deletion or recovery of any existing accounts. If you have forgotten your password and didn't register your account with an e-mail address, then your only option is to create a new account and request under Additional notes field an usurpation of your old username

To request a user account, complete and submit the following form

  • Beside your username, all information you give here will be kept private and will only be used internally unless you express otherwise
  • A confirmation message will be sent to your email address once you submit this request. You must verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link provided
  • It is not uncommon for requests to take 2-3 days depending on the workload and volume of requests currently pending review. In rare cases (such as server downtime or the sudden submission of an extremely high amount of legitimate account requests), requests may take up to a week before they are processed. Please be patient; your request will be processed as soon as possible
  • Once the account is approved, you will be emailed a notification message and the account will be usable at login
  • If there are problems with your request, you will receive an email with an explanation and the reason your account request could not be approved and what steps, if any, can be taken to remedy that
  • Minus the exceptions that allow for the legitimate creation and use of alternative accounts by the wiki's staff
  • User account

    Review California Values Wiki's Username Policy, as any account request that is violates it will not be approved

    Personal information

    Try to include any relevant credentials in your biography below.

    Personal biography (plain text only):

    Other information

    You may use this part as mentioned above and provide other information to help us give you the right access to various resources on California Values Wiki.

    Additional notes:

    Terms of Service

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